Woulter and Fanny Verheyen (Belgian)

Rain Trees is a small international kindergarten & preschool, very friendly, warm and family oriented. The staff is amazing, the teachers are professional with excellent teaching capabilities, very kind, positive and easy to communicate with. It was exactly the type of school we were looking for our daughter. She was very happy to go to school, she improved her social skills, became more self confident, independent, she developed very rich vocabulary and constantly improved her phonics, improved her math, learned mandarin and became aware of the benefits of recycling and taking care of the planets resources. The children are encouraged to communicate, have fun, learn trough play, be friendly and kind.
The staff takes great care of the hygiene, the school is very clean and tidy, there is a wonderful fanced garden and also a front yard which they use daily for different activities and games.
We were very happy to be part of the Rain Trees family and are feel very sad to have to leave. We strongly recommend it!