Parent and Toddler Group

The Toddler Group is currently suspended and underg0ing a few changes.
We hope to be back in February to run in the afternoons.
Please register your interest so we can keep you informed of the changes.

Rain Trees offers an informal parent and toddler group on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 9.30-11.30am. Our parent and toddler group is where parents and toddlers meet to socialise and play in a relaxed, friendly environment.

The group is for children between the ages of 8 months and 2 years old.  Each session, which is run by our parent and toddler facilitator, lasts approximately 2 hours and includes a programme of activities such as music, art and play and also includes a small session of singing in Mandarin.

Helper and Toddler Group

We also run a Helper & Toddler group on Monday and Thursday mornings from 9.30-11.30am. This session follows the same format as the Parent & Toddler sessions but will be an opportunity for children to come with their helpers where parents are working or unable to come.

An Example of a session at our Parent/Helper and Toddler group would be:

9.30 – 9.45amWelcome and Free Play
9.45 – 10.30amArt Activity and/or Free Play
10.30 – 10.45amTidy Up Time and Snack
10.45 – 11.00amStory, Singing and Music
11.00 – 11.15amMandarin Time
11.15 – 11.30amOutdoor Play and Goodbye

For parents it provides an opportunity to:

Play with children and nurture a love of learning in a group
Share experiences and ideas
Relax and talk in a friendly environment
Prepare your toddler for pre-school
Meet other families living in Singapore and develop new friendships

For children, it provides a chance for them to:

Develop social skills including sharing and cooperation
Participate in new experiences
Learn more about the world

Most importantly it allows children to get used to our pre-school so when they start school they already know the environment, people and have made friends – we have found that this makes for a much easier transition not only for the child but for Mum and Dad too!!!


When our first child started school we did a thorough search for a place in Singapore where we believed that not only would she enjoy learning but her inner self would be recognised and cared for. We found that school at Rain Trees. As a result our first two children have been blessed by starting school there and remember their teachers, as we do, with great pride and affection. It has in fact been challenging to find other teaching staff at subsequent schools who match up to the great commitment and cohesion of the team at Rain Trees. Our children played, learnt, enjoyed and were safe, happy and loved for who they are as individuals at Rain Trees. Each school they have attended since has commented on their manners, school readiness and general attitude to others and to learning. I attribute much of that to the synchronicity between home and school that they were provided with at Rain Trees. In leaving Singapore my husband and I often comment that our main sadness is that our youngest child did not have the chance to start at the same place her siblings did. It was a wonderful, nurturing, individually focussed and truly wholly educational experience for us as a family. Thank you Rain Trees for such a lovely gift for our precious children.

Rain Trees carries out an annual survey with parents to get formal feedback on how the school is doing and to identify areas for improvements. We are delighted to be able to share the results of the 2014 Survey with both existing and prospective parents.

2014 Parents Survey Summary

Rain Trees is a wonderful platform for children to develop their love of learning and exploration of the world around them.  My eldest son is flourishing at Nursery, credit to the foundations laid by the devoted and talented team at Rain Trees.  My youngest son has just started and I am continuing to see the school grow from strength to strength.  Thank you

Rain Trees is a fantastic kindergarten with dedicated teachers and a great philosophy on learning through hands on experience. The teachers and staff have created a great environment for education and our son was always excited to be at school. We would recommend Rain Trees to anyone looking for a warm, welcoming kindergarten that is focused on learning whilst having fun.

RainTrees has provided a wonderfully happy and nurturing environment for our child and I would recommend it unequivocally to any parents seeking a fun-filled educational start in life.

A summary of the feedback is contained in this short report

2013 Parents Survey Summary

Rain Trees is an amazing, inclusive place and a wonderful fit to our preferred approach of learning balanced with play time.  Our daughter really thrives at Rain Trees and the teachers do a phenomenal job encouraging her development.  We also really like the parents community and how we connect through our children and the various activities the school organises throughout the year.

Rain Trees is a very small, friendly, caring, local kindergarten. The children are engaged and stimulated and produce a lot of very creative things as our walls and shelves can attest to. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

The perfect soft entry for toddlers into a drop-off learning environment as you can rest assured the Rain Trees team will do everything to make your child feel safe, loved and both mentally + emotionally understood.

Isabella has had a blast and I’m so glad she I had found this hidden gem just down the road from us.

Parent involvement is so welcome and the smiles and chatters during pick-ups and drop-offs is truly because Rain Trees has managed to build a strong community within the school with things like bake sales, fundraisers, parent volunteers etc who really do give great helping hands to the children.

“We put our son at Rain Trees as we were looking for a small, caring and international environment for him to thrive after having not so great experience at a franchise-based pre-school. We are extremely happy about our decision as he has evolved into a confident and happy child over the course of the last few months. His vocabulary, confidence and interaction with other adults and kids has improved by leaps and bounds and we cannot thank the teacher and staff of Rain Trees enough.”


  • The cost of our parent/helper and toddler group is $30 per session
  • Sessions are charged on the day or payment can be made via bank transfer
  • Our parent and toddler group (Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday) is not for helpers to accompany either the child or the parent! We are happy for Mum, Dad or Grandparents to accompany your child
  • Our helper and toddler group is solely for helpers and the children
  • We give priority to children who have registered with Rain Trees to join our pre-school