Our Philosophy

Rain Trees follows an international topic based curriculum that focuses on the development of the whole child using a multi-sensory approach. Our children learn through hands on, exploration and play. Our highly qualified teachers ensure that all our children reach developmental milestones through a fun and interactive approach to learning. Group and individual activities are blended to provide a balance of skills and experience for your child.

Our approach is to foster a love of learning, problem solving, experimentation and inquisitiveness to provide a solid foundation for your child’s future. The emphasis is on learning through play in an environment planned to stimulate discovery, independence and social interaction. Children are encouraged to help themselves, take initiative and become increasingly independent in order to develop self-esteem and social competence. It is important that children develop a sense of trust and are comfortable in their environment.

The learning and development of the children is not just confined to the internal setting of the kindergarten but is extended to the large and safe outdoor play area. We view the external environment as another classroom. This allows the children to explore their surroundings and exercise their imagination.

The curriculum used at the school is based on the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and has seven learning areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication
  • Language and Literacy
  • Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development


We have been extremely happy with Rain Trees. Both our daughters have been going to this preschool and both have enjoyed the sensory play, cooking, water play, lots of arts, great environment, amazing teachers and helpful stuff. I highly recommend Rain Trees. We are very lucky to have found it after multiple other school tours. I had a great gut feel about Rain Trees right from the beginning and have never liked back. We have also made great friends among parent community. Our girls have learned so much through these years and were very sad to leave when we moved back to United States. Rain trees experience will be one of the best memories of Singapore and their childhood.

We would happily recommend Rain Trees to anyone looking for a happy, caring and professionally run kindergarten.

In his own words, “My school is amazing”.

Our son loves going to the Rain Trees Kindergarden every morning. The staff and the activities are fantastic, and I particularly enjoyed receiving daily programmes of the class.

Our children have had an excellent experience at Rain Trees, the warmth of all the staff has made it feel like a second home. Our daughter has thrived here and I feel the foundations have been set for a love of learning which will stay with her. It’s a small school but it’s bursting with positivity.

From Day One, my daughter came home and recited stories and songs that she’d learned during the day. When I left her in the morning, she smiled and when I returned in the afternoon, I got a huge happy hug. Rain Trees is a happy secure environment and was a great introduction to ‘school’ for my daughter.

Sienna attended Rain Trees Kindergarten for two years , and what a great grounding she got for her next step to big school. She absolutely loved attending Rain Trees, and her teacher’s, Ms Tina and Ms Karen, created memories for Sienna that I am sure she will never forget. Rain Trees manages to balance very well the play environment and the learning environment, so that the children are learning the basics in a fun, but structured way. Sienna’s transition to her new school was seamless, and I can thank Rain Trees for giving Sienna such a great start to her little school life, by giving her the tools to proceed with confidence. As a mother, that is something that I never take for granted.

My son attended has attended RainTrees for two years and we couldn’t be any happier with a preschool! He immediately felt right at home in the warm cheery environment and with the friendly and superb teaching staff. My son has learned so much academically and socially through all the fun activities that the teachers plan. He loves his school so much that he is sad when he is ill or has to be picked up early and has even asked his teachers to move back to the U.S. with us and be his teachers there! We loved our time at RainTrees and would have gladly sent my younger daughter as soon as she turned two if we weren’t leaving SG. Their new school will definitely have big shoes to fill after such a wonderful experience at RainTrees!

“I could not recommend Rain Trees highly enough. It is a fantastic school, with amazing teachers and support staff. My daughter has thrived in the caring and fun environment and her confidence has grown and grown. We will be very sad when she has to leave to move on to big school but cannot wait for our next daughter to start!”

As an expat, going on someone else’s recommendation, I could not have made a better decision for my child and his introduction to schooling and education. I really can’t say enough about the lovely lovely, dedicated team of professionals at Rain Trees. They far exceeded my expectations. They’re like family.

Family Focused

At Rain Trees we value the close involvement of parents in school life. We work hard to develop strong relationships with our families and believe communication between home and school is the key to achieving this.

Parents are welcome to gather in class before the bell rings each morning. This offers an informal opportunity to chat with teachers and get to know not only other parents, but also your child’s peers. Throughout the course of the year, usually at the end of terms one and three, we hold parent–teacher conferences for more formal updates on each child’s progress and general well-being. An extensive written report will be sent home at the end of the year.
There are many well-documented advantages to parents playing an active role in the educational process of their children. So, if parents are able and have the time, we strongly urge them to get involved in any way they can; reading to the children, organising a craft activity, accompany a class trip, baking for a charity cake sale, or making costumes for a play or concert. There is always plenty going on, so keep an eye on class notice boards for updates. This should be fun and beneficial not only for the pupils, but also their parents!

School Life - A typical day for our butterflies

9.00 – 9.10Arrival of ChildrenFree play at various stations e.g. sand tray, water tray, playdough table, painting, large/small scale
construction toys and imaginative play in the home/shop corner.
9.10 – 9.20Circle time, welcome children and discuss activities of the day 
9.20 – 10.20The children work in small groups at adult directed activitiesDirected activities will vary according to current Themes but will include maths,
pre-reading/writing, science, art and craft and/or cooking.
10.20 – 10.30Tidy up timeChildren are encouraged to help with the general tidying away of toys and materials.
10.30 – 10.45Toilet and Snack. Children use the toilet and wash their hands.Two children a day will take it in turns to set the tables and serve the snack which offers opportunities for language development, maths, social interaction etc. Sometimes the children will eat a snack they have prepared earlier.
10.45 – 11.15Mandarin/ Activity CirclesWhilst the children are engaging in activities our mandarin teacher will in the classroom for 30 minutes exposing the children to Mandarin “in situ” in a fun and engaging manner
11.15 – 11.30Outside PlayThe children may choose from climbing frames, sand pit, ride-on toys, balls, hoops, stilts etc.
11.30 – 11.45Library TimeChildren choose a book to take home.
11.45 – 12.00Story / DramaStory and good-bye song.