Rosalind Scasserra

I have had the good fortune of already sending 3 of my 5 children to Rain Trees and cannot recommend it highly enough. The creative and nurturing environment is far superior to any other kindergarten that I have found either in Singapore or back home. It helped us enormously in our early days settling into Singapore knowing that our children were so happy and cared for at this beautiful place.

Each day we felt as though we were leaving our children in the hands of a most trusted member of family. The teachers and their assistants are second to none; their enthusiasm, warmth and humor are infectious and you cannot help but be in a good mood stepping through the door. The warm, happy greeting the children receive each morning makes it so easy to say goodbye. The setting of the kindergarten in a beautiful, green and tranquil environment makes it the perfect backdrop to the “natural” education the children receive.

The fun and imaginative activities the children do every day are a fantastic introduction to their education and developing a love of learning. I always look forward to pick up time knowing that my 3 year old will be so eager to share with me the latest great activity she has done or to show me her latest creation. While they are having so much fun, each activity is pertinent in some way to their educational development and the connection between fun and learning never ceases to amaze me. It is a testament to the experience and the dedication of the teachers to encourage each child’s learning in this way.

Each child’s individualism is embraced and difference and acceptance is encouraged. The children all gain both social confidence and thoughtful consideration of each other and each other’s needs.

The quality of learning in the development of skills such as reading, mathematics and language makes for easy transition to “big school”. The Mandarin and English bridging programs are excellent. You feel at the end of your child’s time at Rain Trees that they are well and truly prepared for their primary years, although of course you would like them to stay there for all of their education if it were possible!

Recent changes in management have seen further improvements such as daily and weekly update emails of what the children are doing in class. The daily updates include their activities for the day and photos of the previous day. We look forward to seeing these and often circulate them to relatives who take great joy in seeing a grandchild or niece etc at play. It is a great way of staying in touch with the kindergarten and makes you feel even more part of your child’s day, like a window into the classroom.

I look forward to sending my twin baby boys to Rain Trees when they are ready so as to experience the same delightful introduction to their schooling years that their sisters have all received.