Lesely Crashaw

My three year old son Samuel attends Rain Trees Kindergarten and absolutely loves it! 

Recently while on school holidays we were dropping his Dad off to work and he said, ‘Mum, where’s my school bag?’ When I told him it was the holidays he was a little upset!

We were very lucky as we were recommended Rain Trees by a friend and decided on the first visit that it would be a great place for Samuel. We met with Katie Terry and she showed us around Rain Trees. Samuel didn’t make it past the outdoor play area he loved it so much! We visited the classrooms and Katie answered all the questions I had.

Rain Trees is spacious and inviting and It really had a great feel about it. It wasn’t a hard decision to make as Samuel wanted to stay on our first visit.

I started Samuel in the Caterpillars class last October. Samuel initially started 2 mornings per week. I was planning to wait until Samuel was three before I extended this to 5 mornings per week but he was enjoying it so much I extended it to 3 then 5 mornings just before Christmas. 

Like any Mum I expected there to be tears on his first day, but there were so many things in the room, that he just wanted to start exploring, it was just a matter of a kiss and a cuddle and bye Mummy and he was off.

It really helped that his teacher Karen was so engaging with him from the word go. Karen really gets down on to the kids level and teaches them in a way that is fun and stimulating for them. 

The whole team at Rain Trees are really lovely. I feel what Samuel does there is just such a great extension to what we do at home and could not recommend them enough.

This testimonial was provided by Lesley for Expat Living – thankyou Lesley for sharing your experience and views