Digby and Claire Warren 2014 : Expat Living Preschool Guide

Mia has now been at Rain Trees for over two years and Sebastian is starting this term. Our experience has been wonderfully positive, and Mia is loving her time there. Katie Terry, the owner, is very much hands-on, and everyone looks after the kids with warmth and attention.

Mia is in the Busy Bees class, the oldest age category in the school. When she joined this class at the aRainTrees_Warrenge of three, I was concerned about her being with children who were as old as five. Thankfully, she has thrived from being with slightly older classmates.

Her teacher constantly creates fabulous backdrops within the classroom, based on the theme of the term, and leads the children in activities that are fun, engaging and educational. There is Mandarin exposure every day, too, from a warm and energetic teacher. Outdoor spaces include a little bike area, a garden with a pagoda, trampolines, sand play and much more. Mia says her favourite thing about school is painting, and she loves playing with the dinosaurs.

This small school may not have the flashiest of facilities, but it makes up for that with the love and attention that your child will receive.

This recommendation was provided for the Expat Living Preschool and Kindergarten Guide 2014 – link to full guide