Annie Kelly

When our first child started school we did a thorough search for a place in Singapore where we believed that not only would she enjoy learning but her inner self would be recognised and cared for. We found that school at Rain Trees. As a result our first two children have been blessed by starting school there and remember their teachers, as we do, with great pride and affection. It has in fact been challenging to find other teaching staff at subsequent schools who match up to the great commitment and cohesion of the team at Rain Trees. Our children played, learnt, enjoyed and were safe, happy and loved for who they are as individuals at Rain Trees. Each school they have attended since has commented on their manners, school readiness and general attitude to others and to learning. I attribute much of that to the synchronicity between home and school that they were provided with at Rain Trees. In leaving Singapore my husband and I often comment that our main sadness is that our youngest child did not have the chance to start at the same place her siblings did. It was a wonderful, nurturing, individually focussed and truly wholly educational experience for us as a family. Thank you Rain Trees for such a lovely gift for our precious children.