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Welcome to Rain Trees

Rain Trees International Kindergarten & preschool in Singapore

A kindergarten & preschool for the international community in Singapore that was established in 1999.

Rain Trees is an international kindergarten & preschool that provides a caring, fun & friendly environment for children mainly from the international community in Singapore aged between 2 and 6 years.

We have a warm, inviting and well-equipped environment where your child can happily play and learn at his/her own pace. As parents you are your child’s first and probably most important teacher and as such are aware of the value of play.

At Rain Trees we aim to provide a creative environment, which is both stimulating and challenging. Children learn best through doing and we give ample opportunities to explore, experiment and discover with hands-on equipment and materials in an adult directed setting.

Rain Trees Kindergarten is a small kindergarten that offers a “home-from-home” environment that is ideal for the first preschool experience of your child as well as preparing him/her for an international primary school. We have a spacious and secure integrated indoor-to-outdoor setting.

It is a great privilege to be entrusted with the education and care of your child. It is a responsibility we take seriously and we are committed to providing a great start to their school life.

The best way to find out more about the school is to browse the site and then decide whether you would like to arrange a visit to the school to find out more.

Our 90 second video is designed to help prospective parents understand more about Rain Trees:

Review our 2014 Parents Survey by clicking the image below:

2014 survey results for Rain Trees international preschool and kindergarten in Singapore








We are a singapore based international preschool and kindergarten


I fully recommend RainTrees – I do so at every opportunity. What a lovely place to start your schooling experience. I love the way the teachers at Rain Trees have allowed my daughter to develop…

Megan Andrew 2014

Rain Trees is a very small, friendly, caring, local kindergarten. The children are engaged and stimulated and produce a lot of very creative things as our walls and shelves can attest to. I couldn’t recommend…

Lucy Ridgwell 2014

From Day One, my daughter came home and recited stories and songs that she’d learned during the day. When I left her in the morning, she smiled and when I returned in the afternoon, I…

Denise Howell 2014

Mia has now been at Rain Trees for over two years and Sebastian is starting this term. Our experience has been wonderfully positive, and Mia is loving her time there. Katie Terry, the owner, is…

Digby and Claire Warren 2014 : Expat Living Preschool Guide

Rain Trees carries out an annual survey with parents to get formal feedback on how the school is doing and to identify areas for improvements. We are delighted to be able to share the results…

Rain Trees Parent Survey 2014

Rain Trees is providing a great start to schooling for my daughter. Not only does she have new learning experiences and exposure to all sorts of exploratory play, she loves going each day.

Megan & Matt Andrew 2014

Rain Trees has a lovely caring and friendly atmosphere. My daughter settled in really quickly and often tells me that she “loves school!”. I take that to be a good sign!

Claire Rutledge & John Davies 2014

My Twins love Rain Trees. They get excited when they know we are heading there and laugh and sing out “School”! in the back seat. Its an immense relief to know your children are genuinely…

Melissa & Jonathan Cavenagh 2014

I have the teachers and the lovely homely environment to thank for helping Chang to gain his confidence and happiness. He speaks significantly more now and clearer too. Thank you!!

Jennie Chua 2014

Great school for parents who are looking for an intimate, personable, caring school. The teaching and support team are professional, loving, and fun people to work with, and we trust our son in their care….

Susan & Greg Otte 2014

Choosing the right nursery for your child especially when you live abroad is not easy. We feel extremely lucky to have found Rain Trees. This is a very caring environment with extremely competent, attentive, kind…

Geraldine & Michael Roosen 2014

At Rain Trees the teachers and staff are incredibly caring and provide a wonderful place for young children to feel comfortable, confident and excited to learn.

Arna & Chris Kelly 2014

The perfect soft entry for toddlers into a drop-off learning environment as you can rest assured the Rain Trees team will do everything to make your child feel safe, loved and both mentally + emotionally…

Gina Pettersson 2014

Rico has been very happy at Rain Trees – he has always been looked after well and has had a secure, enriching and fun time.

Antonia Fattorini 2014

Rain Trees is a fabulous school providing an energetic and caring environment for all the children involved. The teaching is of the highest standard and all children bounce into school with great enthusiasm and energy….

Claire Warren 2014

I know he has a few months to go but nevertheless I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Rain Trees for making Sam’s time so enjoyable. As you both know moving…

Rachel Curry 2014

Anette and her family were kind enough to volunteer to do a write up in the Expat Living magazine. Read  to the write up in the Kids guide edition of the Expat Living magazine  – Click…

Anette Groenbaeck 2014

Liam has really settled in well to Rain Trees. Has not asked to go back to his old school. I was quite anxious about this transition as he has so many friends at his former…

Felicity Paulsen 2014

Amalie has had a wonderful time at Rain Trees and the friendly staff have made her and the whole family feel very welcome. She is so excited about coming each morning and has enjoyed all…

Claire Phelps 2014

  A summary of the feedback is contained in this short report   Rain trees kindergarten parent feedback survey 2013 from Rain Trees Kindergarten

Parents Feedback Survey 2013

Zara has had a fantastic first week.  She is so happy to be going to Rain Trees and tells me that she has made some new friends already.  I can’t tell you what a relief…

Melanie Pendsay

Millie and Izzy will really miss Rain Trees and their friends there! I can honestly say it has been the best thing about our time in Singapore! We really appreciate all the kindness and friendship…

Alex & Sophie Chudley

My three year old son Samuel attends Rain Trees Kindergarten and absolutely loves it! 

Recently while on school holidays we were dropping his Dad off to work and he said, ‘Mum, where’s my school bag?’…

Lesley Crashaw 2013

I have had the good fortune of already sending 3 of my 5 children to Rain Trees and cannot recommend it highly enough. The creative and nurturing environment is far superior to any other kindergarten…

Rosalind Scasserra
As an expat, going on someone else's recommendation, I could not have made a better decision for my child and his introduction to schooling and education. I really can't say enough about the lovely lovely, dedicated team of professionals at Rain Trees. They far exceeded my expectations. They're like family.

Sarah Casey
Wonderful caring teachers, great international community, and fun, educational curriculum! Over 8 years, my 2 children have thrived under the gentle care of Miss Tina and her team. Learning is adapted to each child and ensures they can make the transition to primary school easily. Most importantly, the children...

Lisa Moore
Rain Trees Kindergarten was the highlight of our 6 year stay in Singapore as Australian Expats. Tina Lim has touched the lives of all three of our children – she is one of those inspirational people you strive to have in your children’s lives. We were attracted to Rain Trees due to the intimate...

Sabrina Mukherjee
When our first child started school we did a thorough search for a place in Singapore where we believed that not only would she enjoy learning but her inner self would be recognised and cared for. We found that school at Rain Trees. As a result our first two children have been blessed by starting school...

Annie Kelly
Sienna attended Rain Trees Kindergarten for two years and what a great grounding she got for her next step to big school. She absolutely loved attending Rain Trees and her teacher’s, Ms Tina and Ms Karen, created memories for Sienna that I am sure she will never forget...

Erika Kent
My eldest son had a wonderful 3 years at Rain Trees Kindergarten – one year with the ever-bubbly Karen and 2 years under the gentle care of Tina. During this time, we saw him grow from a shy little toddler into a confident, fun-loving boy who was well-equipped to...

Lisa Moore
I would wholeheartedly recommend any child going to Rain Trees for as long as possible. The children are filled with confidence and learn kindness and tolerance of each other as well as the requisite academics. Tina Lim and her staff are unique and great relationships form between children and...

Liz Clinton